Naked soul talking.

"I am utterly, undeniably and stupidly in love with him: I love him with all my heart and all of what is left of me after years of struggling with her. Maybe we are not meant to be, maybe this is totally ridiculous, but I feel that he was made for me. Every inch of his body, every aspect of his personality, every single moment of his stubborn and childish acts combined with bad mood.. He annoys me like no one else, but at the same time he makes me feel alive. Like I'm worthy, like I'm more than just someone who suffered a lot and made so many mistakes in a short period of time, like I'm more than just a broken life. And the best of all is that I feel like I know him, and getting to witness how he acts as freely as he does when we are alone is just.. exquisitely amazing and hurtful."

...she said, and tasted the wine elegantly, daydreaming of her love. Meanwhile, somewhere in the distance one could almost hear how a Romeo wept his cheeks with tears of a love he never got to live because his Juliet was with the wrong poet.


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